Iggy Azalea Wrote New Songs With Max Martin

Christina Lee | October 10, 2015 7:12 am
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Iggy Azalea has reunited with pop wunderkind Max Martin. The Reclassified rapper broke the news yesterday, when she was tweeting with a fan about how she kept international listeners in mind while writing for her sophomore album Digital Distortion.

“i was writing with max martin the other week and we were talking about all the mis-quoted lyrics,” she says, though not without stressing how her music makes listeners feel is ultimately more important than the lyrical content itself.

When Ariana Grande worked with Max for the Zedd-featuring “Break Free,” she fretted over some nonsensical lyrics he wrote, like “I only want to die alive” and “Now I’ve become who I really are.” Of course, then the My Everything single went on to become three times platinum. (The Iggy-featuring “Problem” went six times platinum, though three times isn’t something to laugh at either.)

Read Iggy Azalea’s tweets detailing her songwriting session with Max Martin below.

[via Ultimate Music]

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