The Weeknd Features Eminem And Nicki Minaj In “The Hills” Remixes: Listen

Christina Lee | October 11, 2015 6:57 am
The Weeknd on 'SNL'
Surprise! The Weeknd brings out Nicki Minaj to debut their remix of "The Hills."

Shortly after The Weeknd made his Saturday Night Live debut, the young R&B singer premiered two blockbuster remixes of “The Hills.”

As SNL viewers saw, one of them has Nicki Minaj reminding the Weeknd that he is just as weak for her as she is for him in this late-night hookup arrangement: “Remember that time that I showed up with just panties under my coat? / High heels, they were knee high, and my legs was gripping that throat?”

The other, featuring Eminem, imagines an even more elaborate scenario: This woman has been having an affair with him, and while promising to leave the other guy before, though Em’s changed his mind — he doesn’t want anything more than pill-fueled sex. “‘Cause if you cheat on him, just means I will be the next to be / your ex, so no complexities / Just sex — and don’t lecture me, just accept / that.”

The original had surprised critics when it topped the charts because of how dark and depraved it is, and while using a reference to late horror director Wes Craven to say, “Who are you to judge?” But these remixes further prove that, as sick as The Weeknd may sound at times, others can still relate.

Listen to the Weeknd’s “The Hills” remixes at Apple Music or stream them via Spotify below!

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