Meet 2015’s Anti-“It” Girls Of Pop — From Niykee Heaton To Madison Beer

Bianca Gracie | October 13, 2015 7:08 am

4. Name: Ryn Weaver
Origin: San Diego, California
Essential Song: “Octahate”

This next artist literally burst onto the pop scene last Fall with her Charli XCX-penned “Octahate” single, whose punchy, finger-snapping melodies had no choice but to grab your attention. Usually when a ubiquitous breakthrough tune drops like that seemingly out of nowhere, the artist will either crash and burn or continue to rise — and Ryn Weaver’s momentum is still riding strong. Thanks to a handful of festival appearances including SXSW and Coachella and her free-spirited debut release, the singer is proving that she is not The Fool after all.

5. Name: Halsey
Origin: Washington, New Jersey
Essential Song: “Ghost”

Ashley Frangipane, otherwise known as her music alter-ego Halsey, is a 20-year-old New Jersey native who first caught our eye last Fall when we premiered the first video version of her Room 93 EP tune — “Ghost.” Fast forward to almost a year later, and the visually-charged singer has released a killer debut album Badlands that broke out at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Halsey also ranks as the year’s second-highest debut by a female artist, so the 21-year-old must be doing something right! The charts don’t lie…(well, sometimes).

6. Name: Niykee Heaton
Origin: Geneva, Illinois
Essential Song: “Infinity”

Don’t let her semi-NSFW Instagram profile fool you! Niykee Heaton is way more than her her boobs and ass, but she is also genius enough to use her frequently nude body as a promotional tool for her surprisingly awesome music. In the seductive midst of a thirst trap series, Niykee is the unofficial Soundcloud queen as she has dropped a handful of smoky, emotive singles — “Finessin,” “21 Grams,” “Say Yeah,” “Infinity,” etc. — that has now led up to The Bedroom Tour next month.

Origin: Wall Township, New Jersey
Essential Song: “War Paint”

FLETCHER seems to appear out of nowhere this summer, but we’re glad she came! Her monstrous “War Paint” single has everything a solid pop tune needs: heart-pounding drums, soaring synths, commanding yet slightly delicate vocals and a catchy hook. The budding singer, who describes her sound “as a mix between programmed and electronics elements with super organic earthy stuff,” revealed to us that a new EP is on the horizon.