Clairity’s ’80s-Drenched “Velcro” Lyric Video: Premiere

Carl Williott | October 15, 2015 7:00 am

Clairity has described “Velcro,” the standout track from her standout Alienation EP, as a “nerd anthem.” If that’s the case, then the nerds must be dancing these days, as the empowering ode to unfashionable fashion creates a clubby groove out of Yaz‘s punchy synth riff from “Don’t Go.” And in keeping with that era, the lyric video brings to mind production company bumper graphics from some lost VHS tape, or maybe a souped-up Atari sequence.

Misfit Pop:: Clairity's awkward teen years fuel her honest anthems

We’ve got the premiere of the retro “Velcro” lyric video below — and trust me you’ll wanna sing along to these words. Also, if you’re in New York you can see Clairity perform Friday (October 16) at the Delancey as part of Big Personality’s CMJ showcase.