Ariana Grande Unveils Platinum Blonde Hair For “Focus” Single Artwork

Carl Williott | October 14, 2015 6:48 am

For a few days now, Ariana Grande fans have been sleuthing around to find clues that the star would unveil new blonde/white locks for her “Focus” single. While the trail seemed to have gone cold with recent video footage showing her as a brunette, today (October 14) Grande unveiled the single artwork, which indeed served as a debut for her new hair color.

The image shows her name and the song title projected onto the wall and onto Grande herself, which is a clever depiction of the title. Because it’s a black-and-white photo, it’s tough to tell if she went platinum blonde or chose the white/gray look that’s so popular right now, and if it’s a dye job or a wig or what. But the ponytail is still intact!

“Focus” drops October 30. Check out her tweet below.

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