Whatcha Say: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | October 16, 2015 5:30 pm
Demi Lovato's 'Confident': Album Review
Read our thoughts on the singer's perplexing album.

We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with Nicki Minaj joining The Weeknd for their remix of “The Hills” on Saturday Night Live.

Rita Ora got everyone in a tizzy when she reportedly wanted to remake the classic “Lady Marmalade,” while (not surprisingly) Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd lead the 2015 AMAs nominations.

In the Idolator offices, we reviewed Demi Lovato‘s Confident album, recapped American Horror Story: Hotelinterviewed Kelis, All Kings & Queens and Seal, and rounded up two lists: one some of the best anti-“it” girls of pop who made waves this year and the other of 10 teen starlets who couldn’t quite transition into adult pophood.

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: Brewster gave us a giggle on 10 Teen Starlets Who Couldn’t Quite Make The Transition To Adult Pop Diva: “I just realised that all this time I thought Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez were the same person. Thanks for the clarification!”

:: lemondrop1 had just one plea on Watch Miley Cyrus In The Trailer For Bill Murray’s Christmas Special: “please let us hope she won’t have a nude concert. our moral decline in America slides down the slopes more each day. I hope it won’t happen.”

:: Jay shared similar sentiments as us on Selena Gomez Discusses Her New Confidence & Taylor Swift’s Squad: Watch: “I don’t understand why they have to be called a ‘squad.’ Why can’t they just be called ‘friends?’ Squad makes it sound like only certain people can be in it. It sounds like it’s an exlusive thing to be part of.”

:: H. Read Davis used all of the best keywords on Clairity’s ’80s-Drenched “Velcro” Lyric Video: Premiere: “Damn, that groove is on point. Super cool synth stuff”

:: Jay sparked a controversial argument on Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’: Album Review: “Revival” is to Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped as “Confident” is to “Lotus.”

:: Joshua Pingley also chimed in: “This whole era Demi has been riding Selena’s dick so hard, and it’s truly annoying. While there are a few standout tracks, Wildfire and Old Ways for example, the album as a collection is a bit weak. Revival is the much stronger album. And before anybody says they’re not competing albums, they are. Too bad there’s no competition.”

:: Lastly, Coop got the point on ‘Scream Queens’: Murder In The “Pumpkin Patch,” But No Nick Jonas: “I think that some people want to take this show so seriously, but it’s not supposed to be. Scream Queens embraces satire. It’s poking fun of the horror genre and all it’s silly stereotypes. The story is meant to be convoluted, the characters are meant to be mindless, and the show in its self is purely a reflection of our society’s obsession with excess.”

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