Ariana Grande Shares A Longer, A Cappella Snippet Of “Focus”: Listen

Mike Wass | October 21, 2015 3:02 pm
Ariana Grande Teases "Focus"
Ariana Grande kicks off the "Focus" promo by teasing lyrics on Instagram.

With Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato grabbing headlines for their adventurous new eras, Ariana Grande is making sure she doesn’t get lost in the pack by heavily promoting new single “Focus.” The 22-year-old is running an Instagram countdown, teasing lyrics and sharing snippets to ensure fans have their fingers hovering over the download button when the anthem hits iTunes on October 30. It’s even featured in her new perfume commercial!

Today (October 21), the pint-sized diva shared a longer, a cappella snippet of “Focus” via social media. “I know you’re hoping that I’ll react, I know you’re hopin’ I’m lookin’ back,” Ariana wails dramatically. “But if my real ain’t real enough… then I dunno what is.” As usual, it’s a little difficult to make out what she’s saying. If the superstar worked on her enunciation and took it down a notch, there would be no stopping her. Listen below.

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