Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett’s ‘Cheek To Cheek’ Sequel Already Has A Theme

Carl Williott | October 22, 2015 9:48 am

The legendary Tony Bennett recently spoke to Vulture about his latest album (yes, another one; the man is living proof that age ain’t nothing but a number), and revealed some details about a forthcoming second album with Lady Gaga following the big success of 2014’s Cheek To Cheek.

Gaga is currently starring in American Horror Story, and when she’s not filming that, she’s putting together her fifth album, currently being referred to as LG5. But the Cheek To Cheek sequel (suggested title: Cheek 2 Cheek: An Even Cheekier Cheekquel) seems to be moving right along, as Bennett says it already has an overall theme.

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“Yeah, we’re doing an album,” Bennett told Vulture when asked about another Gaga collab. “It’s going to be all Cole Porter songs. He was the best writer of all of them in the Great American Songbook. Highly intelligent. We’re going to have a lot of fun doing that.”

Gaga previously hinted that fans shouldn’t expect to hear new music from her until after AHS: Hotel winds down, so now the question is whether LG5 will precede the latest Bennett collab. And if you’re scratching your head as to why these two singers would team up again (or at all), Bennett offers a simple explanation:

“Gaga is a gorgeous singer, and when she sings a great ballad, I get goose bumps. She helped me and I helped her by doing Cheek to Cheek. Through her telling her audience how much she likes me, all of them became fans of mine, all these young teenagers. On the other hand, by her singing these beautiful songs on the album, the audience I have, all of them said, ‘God, I never knew she sang that wonderfully.’ So we both helped one another.”

Read the full interview over at Vulture.