Demi Lovato Vents In Gritty, Black-And-White “Waitin For You” Video

Mike Wass | October 22, 2015 7:31 pm
Demi Lovato's 'Confident': Album Review
Demi Lovato mixes it up with varying results on new album 'Confident.'

Demi Lovato casually dropped a video for Confident anthem “Waitin For You” this afternoon (October 22). After going with a sexy, glossy approach in “Cool For The Summer” and delivering a bonafide action blockbuster for the title track, it’s interesting to see the 23-year-old dial it right back in this low key, (but effective) black-and-white visual. She simply vents her frustrations with a little help from rising rapper Sirah.

While “Waitin For You” is far from my favorite cut on Confident, the manic beats and aggressive vocal makes more sense after seeing the video. Demi’s emotional delivery is very convincing. With better lyrics (that band-aid metaphor is awful) and a less-is-more approach to production, this could have been awesome. I guess it’s nothing a really great remix can’t fix. Watch up top and keep an eye out for Sirah’s cool cameo.

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