Whatcha Say: Adele, Gwen Stefani & Demi Lovato Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | October 23, 2015 8:30 pm
Adele's "Hello" Video: Watch
Tristan Wilds stars alongside Adele in the heartbreaking visual.

We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with Demi Lovato‘s fiery debut performance on Saturday Night Live.

Gwen Stefani dropped her emotional “Used To Love You” single while Justin Bieber unveiled his tropical follow-up tune, “Sorry” and Drake got his dance on in the colorful “Hotline Bling” video.

But the biggest news of this week was the return of Adele, who dropped the release date of her 25 album as well as the music video for new single “Hello”!

On Idolator’s end, we premiered POWERS‘ “Legendary” tune, interviewed Paul Weller and Sara Bareilles and also reviewed new albums by Carrie Underwood and 5 Seconds Of Summer.

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: Jay brought the sarcasm on Adele Gives An Album Update & Confirms Its ’25’ Title: “I never saw that album title coming.”

:: He also supported Gwen’s decision on Gwen Stefani Debuts Emotional “Used To Love You” Song At Her NYC Concert: Watch: I’m definitely looking forward to hearing this. I’ve always been a fan of the ballads that Gwen has put out like “Early Winter,” “4 In The Morning,” and “Cool.” Those have definitely held up better than some of her other hits and are just timeless. It’s kind of an odd choice for a first single, but perhaps that might be a good thing. After false starts for the other two singles, maybe a ballad is the way to go.

:: While Sean Massich had a valid point on Drake Accused Of Stealing D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha” For “Hotline Bling”: “This smells more of fraud than the Blurred Lines case. Marvin Gaye’s ‘vibe’ is nodding to a nostalgic moment in history. It’s a general sound and energy. Where you look at Drake, his producers are directly lifting the entire rhythm section – instrumentation, rhythms, notes – from a current song. It isn’t trying to capture the spirit of a time, but stealing the basis from an existing song. These two cases are not comparable in my opinion at all.”

:: Pretty much everyone agrees with CA_Dreamin on Ariana Grande Shares A Longer, A Cappella Snippet Of “Focus”: Listen: “I can’t understand a single thing she’s singing lol, so thanks for the lyrics caption Ari!”

:: Ice Warrior shared this opinion on Adele Lands A Knock-Out Blow With “Hello”: Listen To The Future Smash: “I saw a user on another site put up a comment saying that they were disappointed with Adele’s choice in music style and that it sounds too similar to 21. In a sense, this is true, but that is why people love Adele – she’s warm, bitter, rich and acoustic all at once. This takes me back to 2011 and I am not disappointed in the least – sorry Taylor Swift, but no one can do heartbreak like Adele.”

:: And James Fluker had all the feels: “It’s been a LONG time since my last break-up, and this has me an absolute wreck. It’s SO real and raw. Totally an instant hit of emotion and feeling. The song’s third act (when it picks up some more instrumentation) is absolutely glorious. Will rightfully be a massive hit. -Shaking and crying-”

:: happy1ga had this observation on Demi Lovato Performs “Cool For The Summer,” “Confident” & “Stone Cold” On ‘SNL’: Watch: I’ve long been a fan, (& defender), of past Diz & Nick kids who’ve been marginalized because they came from that background. That said, Demi Lovato has ALWAYS confounded me. She’s undoubtably one of the most talented, yet she never seems to rise, (& remain), at the top. Some of her past songs have been great, I still like them, but IMO, this song blows & Cool For Summer is just ehhh. Won’t someone please write something better & let Demi do her thing? Dang.”

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