Adam Lambert Responds To Rumors of Demi Lovato Firing Him From World Tour

Christina Lee | October 24, 2015 10:06 am
Adam's Got 'The X Factor'
He shows contestants how it's done while singing "Another Lonely Night."

Update: Demi Lovato echoed Adam Lambert on Twitter: “Just goes to show how accurate @TMZ really is… I you @adamlambert.” Meanwhile, TMZ tried asking Nick Jonas for his thoughts, but failed. See the original post below.

Adam Lambert sets the record straight on a new rumor involving him, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

Yesterday (October 23), TMZ reported that Demi was to announce a world tour this past week but didn’t. The reason why, according to the tabloid site, was that she changed opening acts at the last minute. Unnamed sources said that Adam was to perform, but then Demi’s manager decided to book Nick instead.

“Demi and Nick are repped by the same manager and we’re told the manager wanted to place Nick in a tour, because he’s hot now and didn’t have one, so he convinced Demi to dump Adam for Jonas,” TMZ says. (Demi and Nick also co-run a label they founded, Safehouse Records.)

A source also told the site that Adam felt “betrayed.”

Today (October 24), however, Adam acknowledged the switch-up but assured that there is no ill will between him, Demi and Nick. “Aww I love you all very much,” he said on Twitter. “No beef tween & and me. Biz negotiations are complex- why do we care about the ?”

TMZ had reported that negotiations between Adam and Demi’s camps, including money, were just about finalized. If we’re interpreting Adam’s comment correctly, though, there may have been talks but nothing set in stone.

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