Pharrell Is Not *Happy* In This “Blurred Lines” Deposition Video: Watch

Carl Williott | October 26, 2015 11:11 am

The “Blurred Lines” verdict, and its fallout, is complete and utter bullshit. I am not a trained legal mind, so it is entirely possible that my opinion on this matter is actually complete and utter bullshit. But at least I know all-time cool guy Pharrell agrees with me. And since he’s an all-time cool guy, a guy who released a massive hit called “Happy,” it’s kind of jarring to see him in “Blurred Lines” deposition footage being a legendarily sarcastic asshole as a lawyer asks him about music theory and blues scales.

Before Pharrell, Robin Thicke and T.I. were found guilty of infringing on a Marvin Gaye copyright for their 2013 smash hit and ordered to pay $7.3 million, Pharrell was deposed by Gaye attorney Richard Busch. And, as has happened with Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber lawsuits in the past, the 2014 video of Pharrell’s combative depo that jurors got to see has surfaced, acquired by The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m not here to teach you music,” Pharrell at one point replies when asked to explain chord structures, adding that he has already answered “a myriad of ludicrous questions.”

Throughout the videos, the producer pouts, rolls his eyes and pretty much does everything he can to express how ridiculous he thinks the case is. When he’s asked to read music, Pharrell repeatedly answers, “I’m not comfortable.”

Pharrell also reveals he wrote all the song’s vocal melodies in the taped interview. And when discussing the similarities between the bass lines on “Got To Give It Up” and “Blurred Lines,” he explains “Silk and rayon are two different things, they just feel the same.”

Pharrell’s heavy dose of non-answers surely didn’t help the “Blurred Lines” case, but in his mind he’s being dragged through the legal (and financial) ringer for recreating a “groove” or a “feel,” so the incredulity is understandable.

The appeal is still ongoing.

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