Daya’s Falls Victim To D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating) In “Hide Away” Video

Mike Wass | October 29, 2015 7:47 pm
Daya Interview
We speak to 16-year-old Daya about smash hit "Hide Away" and her debut EP.

Daya is shaping up to be one of 2015’s most exciting break-out pop artists thanks to the quality (and success) of her debut single. An infinitely relatable unlucky-in-love anthem, “Hide Away” has already cracked the top 50 on iTunes and is sitting just outside the top 20 on pop radio. It should climb a lot higher on both charts with the arrival of the video, which reveals why the 17-year-old can’t find a “good, good boy” to keep her company.

In short, Daya’s love life is being cruelly thwarted by D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating). The rising star can’t even go bowling with a hottie without their interference! That brings on a major case of the feels and she heads over to a friend’s pool party to cheer up. It doesn’t quite work, but D.A.D.D.’s reign of terror can’t last forever. Watch the video up top. The Pittsburgh diva’s excellent self-titled debut EP is out now.

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