Whatcha Say: Ariana Grande, Adele & Adam Lambert Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | October 30, 2015 8:30 pm
Ariana Grande's "Focus" Video
Ariana Grande revisits the retro vibe of "Problem" in her latest video. Watch.

We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with Adam Lambert addressing those Demi Lovato tour rumors.

Rihanna made her debut as key advisor on The Voice, while Adele will be returning to Saturday Night Live as musical guest next month. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas announced their Future Now Tour and Justin Bieber swept the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards while also rolling out his Purpose album tracklist on social media.

On Idolator’s end, we kept busy by interviewing Enya, Dua Lipa and Depeche Mode‘s Dave Gahan, reviewed Madonna‘s Los Angeles Rebel Heart concert and premiered XY&O‘s “Fahrenheit,” Brayton Bowman‘s slick “Bieber’s Hotline” mashup as well as Shaggy and Pitbull‘s “Only Love” lyric video.”

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: Allysa Mentor was not having it on Adam Lambert Responds To Rumors of Demi Lovato Firing Him From World Tour: “Sorry, Demi is a grown ass woman, and considering all the supposed crap she’s gone through in her life, you would think she would be more honorable and have more integrity than to change her mind at the last minute. Adam is pretty busy the next couple of months and he may have put some things on hold.. Sorry it sounds like a pretty shitty thing to do. Of course, he will always be the gentleman, and not bad month anyone, and I know he will stay that way. So Demi has had a spike in fame, and now she’s just one of the mean girls. I really thought she was above that. Oh well, another bites the dust.”

:: Mallory2696 shared similar sentiments: “For someone whom I once thought was different from the other ‘pop princesses’ I see that it is not true or she has changed. Maybe it started with that ‘confident’ nude photo-shoot she did which is going the route of so many others (Miley, Gaga, Nikki, –you know the ones) instead of letting her talent show through her music. Now Adam Lambert-he’s the real deal. Not many are like him in the business and yet he has every reason to have a big head–his talent trumps that of most every other pop singer. But no, he remains a gentleman and role model.”

:: shrumpi wasn’t buying Pharrell‘s excuses on Pharrell Is Not *Happy* In This “Blurred Lines” Deposition Video: Watch: “Sorry – they ripped Marvin Gaye off. I heard it the first time I heard ‘Blurred Lines.’ I know you can’t copyright a ‘groove,’ but they stole the song. And acknowledged it in interviews… Time to pay the piper, boys… He comes across as a petulant brat, and I love when he gets busted for lying at the end of the third deposition.?

:: CA_Dreamin is loving the Adele takeover on: “Adele is absolutely brilliant. She’s an everyday girl who’s literally abolishing the competition by simply singing about the emotions we face everyday. She even has a way of making the Immature, mature. Can’t wait for this album”

:: Jenny also chimed in Adele’s “Hello” Has Already Sold 750,000 Downloads, Breaks First-Day Sales, VEVO & Streaming Records: “How Adele appeals to American music fans is so outrageous. 750K in one day, I mean c’mon, and a post here was right on the nose, she does it all just with her voice.”

:: James was a little shady on Selena Gomez To Be Honored At Billboard Women In Music Event: “Can’t expect much from Billboard nowadays… they did give an icon award to Jennifer Lopez after all”

:: Sean Massich served a lesson on Ariana Grande’s “Focus” Sounds Like KC And The Sunshine Band’s “That’s The Way (I Like It)”: Watch The Video: “The KC & The Sunshine Band correlation is…misguided. Borrowing heavily? I see where the writer is trying to draw comparisons, but this reads more as someone who just doesn’t have a broad understanding of musical history. The producer is essentially revisiting the Rich Harrison, go-go sound of the mid-2000s with some extra gloss. Find a few percussive funk samples, loop, add punctuated female vocal. Bam. It’s ‘1 Thing’ 2.0. There is nothing about this song that’s specifically linked to ‘That’s The Way’ though. Ariana’s producer is just playing around with sounds from that era of funk music, as Rich Harrison did more than a decade ago.”

:: While Jay wasn’t a fan of the new single: “I was waiting for the song to grab my attention and after over a minute it just never did. She has a great voice, I wonder how she got stuck with something so mediocre. The chorus is particularly weak.
And yes, it does sound like ‘Thats the Way (I Like It).'”

:: Lastly James Warner had this to say on Justin Bieber Storms Out Of Concert In Norway, Apologizes On Instagram: “It’s Been A Rough Week”: “I don’t understand why he got upset people don’t listen to him anyway so whats changed. Its not him singing it’s all done by computers making it sound like he can sing. Dont say your sorry because you walked off say sorry because you really can’t sing. Suck it up and get a real job. maybe get a degree in welding or computer repair”

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