Adam Lambert And Ivy Levan Cover Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” Live: Watch

Christina Lee | November 1, 2015 11:09 am
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Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” is pop’s best Halloween classic. Last night at Beverly Hills concert series Hilton@PLAY, though, Adam Lambert celebrated October 31 with a cover that should be added to future holiday playlists.

Instead of doing “Thriller,” he and rising “swamp hop” singer Ivy Levan covered Janet Jackson‘s “Black Cat,” the Rhythm Nation 1814 jam that proved that, despite what some may think, an anti-gang anthem can actually sound mean. Aside from it being a duet, their live rendition is faithful to the original — not that it needed to be anything else. Like Janet, both Adam and Ivy can do rock ‘n’ roll just fine.

Watch Adam Lambert and Ivy Levan cover Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” below.

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