Justin Timberlake To Perform At CMA Awards With Chris Stapleton

Carl Williott | November 2, 2015 12:13 pm

Justin Timberlake will be returning to the stage for what feels like his first non-Fallon appearance in ages, and it’ll be a return to his country roots. JT is set to do a duet with his friend Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards on Wednesday (November 4).

Stapleton, who is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, New Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for Traveller, explained that a simple phone call sparked the collaboration, but he wouldn’t reveal what they’d be performing.

“I called him up with no thought of him agreeing to it, and he was ready to start planning it right then,” Stapleton told Rolling Stone. “He was so gracious and kind to want to do it and was so excited about it, and I’m excited about it. It’ll be something I’ve never done before for sure.”

Timberlake is from Memphis, so country music is in his roots. Back in 2007 he appeared on a Reba McEntire duet, and during the 20/20 days he even indicated he had hopes of going country in the future. And here he is at 11 performing a country ditty on Star Search:

And here’s what the super-twangy Stapleton sounds like, for the uninitiated: