Jasmine V Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Mike Wass | November 2, 2015 7:06 pm
Jasmine Villegas Interview
Jasmine Villegas talks new single "That's Me Right There" and finding her new sound.

Jasmine V announced that she is six months pregnant in an exclusive interview with Cosmo For Latinas. “It came as a total shock,” the 21-year-old said of the happy news. “You take the test, and you’re not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me… but I’m definitely excited. I’m super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom.” She also revealed that her boyfriend and family have given her their full support.

The rising pop star, who came to fame as the love interest in Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video, was more concerned about how the media and fans would respond to her pregnancy. “The fact that I’m still young made me so nervous,” Jasmine admits. “You never know what people will say. It’s looked down on to be young and pregnant in this country… a girl who has a child young is thought of as fast and wild, or as someone who doesn’t know how to raise a child.”

“But I’ve always known that I wanted kids, and I know that I’m old enough and that I’m responsible,” she explains. “In Latino culture, it’s normal to have kids young.” As for her career? Well, Jasmine is going to use the down time to complete her debut LP. “I’ll have to work 10 times harder,” the “That’s My Right There” diva acknowledges. “There will be no ‘off’ days anymore. I’ll still be recording songs though.”

[Via Cosmopolitan].

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