Kesha Lawyers Say Her “Window Of Opportunity Is Nearly Shut” Until She Can Record Without Dr. Luke

Carl Williott | November 4, 2015 1:24 pm

Kesha‘s lawyers have once again begged a judge to let the singer record with producers other than Dr. Luke while her abuse lawsuit against him and their contract dispute both go through the court system.

Court documents acquired by Buzzfeed show that her legal team’s latest filing stresses that her career is facing “irreparable harm if she continues to be prevented from working” — prevented because her current contract under Sony/Kemosabe, which her team is fighting to get her out of, requires that she deliver three more albums. This echoes a filing from September in which her legal team argued her career is approaching the point of no return due to the pending legal case keeping her out of the spotlight and thus out of the business of pop music.

“Kesha now faces an abysmal decision: Work with her alleged abuser…or idly and passively wait as her career tick-tocks away,” the new papers read, (maybe accidentally?) referencing her smash debut single. “Kesha’s window of opportunity is nearly shut: She has not been recording, touring or able to market merchandise for nearly a year — an eternity in the industry. If Kesha is not permitted to resume working immediately with the backing of a major record label, her window will forever close.”

Obviously I am no legal mind and I don’t know the specifics of her contract, but isn’t there a way she can release a couple free tracks outside the label system to at least keep her name in the pop conversation? Or maybe release whatever Lip$ha recordings were scrapped as a free mixtape?

But hopefully it won’t come to that: This latest request will be addressed in a hearing in January, according to Buzzfeed, so if it goes Kesha’s way it could mean she’ll get to make some new music in 2016 and spark that comeback.

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