Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ Album: Review Revue

Bianca Gracie | November 6, 2015 11:25 am

Little Mix have been hard at work promoting their third album Get Weird over the past few months, and today (November 6) the record is finally here.

With immensely catchy and radio-ready singles like “Black Magic,” “Hair,” “Love Me Like You” and more, the UK foursome proved they are ready to officially make a larger name for themselves in the American industry.

So how do other music industry critics feel about Little Mix’s latest musical effort? Read what they had to say down below!

:: The Guardian gave it 3 stars out of 5: “Apart from a couple of ballads, and the odd moments of mediocrity (Secret Love Song, which features Jason Derulo, and Hair), business is largely buoyant: there’s the No 1 single Black Magic – like Girls Just Want to Have Fun locked in a My Little Pony lunchbox – the freaky funk of Weird People, and the excellent OMG, fuelled by the bratty vocal style of Charli XCX. It looks as if they’ll be trapped in pop purgatory for life.”

:: Newsday says the girls “just want to have fun”: “Whether they are rocking out on ‘Weird People’ or out Iggy-ing Azalea on ‘OMG,’ Little Mix show a willingness to try anything and somehow making it work for them.”

:: NME also gave it three stars: “The group’s personality and powerhouse vocals light up ‘Get Weird’, a hook-filled and witty collection of unapologetic pop. With the exception of a moody trap ballad called ‘Lightning’, this consistently impressive third album is never as inventive as, say, Girls Aloud in their pomp (2005’s ‘Chemistry’ and 2007’s ‘Tangled Up’), but its tune count isn’t far behind.”

:: While Digital Spy were big fans: “Overall, Get Weird is a sparkling pop package – one that is still suitable for Little Mix’s tween following, while heating it up a touch for older ears. It may lack the sophistication of their previous collection Salute, but it makes up for it with bigger hooks and chewier melodies. So don’t be fooled by their name: this is the biggest girl band on the planet today, doing what they do best.​”

:: The Independent shared their thoughts: Even allowing for the fact that at no point do things get remotely weird, there are lots of little things to like about Little Mix’s third album. Things like the way  ‘Black Magic’ opens in already breathless manner; the nice retro-sounding touches to ‘Love Me Like You’ which bring to mind classic Shadow Morton productions; and the way that the vocal arrangements to ‘Grown’ and ‘Hair’ pop and crackle like the Pointer Sisters.”

:: Press Play OK was a bit harsh in their review: “Which is a shame really, because Little Mix seem to have taken a step back from their brilliance. There’s a flaccid Jason Derulo ballad – far too many ballads all over, in fact – with past flourishes just about recalled on Hair and OMG. The rest? Well, girls, we expected this sort of thing from Fifth Harmony but not from you. Get ‘weird’ out of your system and come back to us as the international stars we know you can be.”

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