The Kardashians Celebrate Kris Jenner’s 60th With A Song, Katy Perry And Kanye West Appear In The Video

Mike Wass | November 9, 2015 3:51 pm
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Kris Jenner turned 60 over the weekend and her daughters celebrated the milestone by revisiting a video she made three decades ago to celebrate her 30th. They record a sequel to the momager’s vintage birthday bop “She Loves Her Friends” — complete with amazing lyrics like: “November 5th and now she’s 60, riding down the highway with her friends at her side.” They also list their mom’s favorite places and things, which include Nobu Malibu and vodka.

It’s all very cute, but the real highlight is the video. The Kardashian girls ham it up with the exception of Kim, who looks absolutely terrified to be in a recording studio again. (Flashbacks to “Jam (Turn It Up)”?) There are also cameos from an embarrassed-looking Kanye West and a defiant Katy Perry, who declares: “Who gives a fuck how old you are?” The winner, however, is Caitlyn Jenner. She records her contribution in a bubble bath sipping champagne. Watch up top.

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