‘The Voice’: Sawyer Fredericks Returns & Performs During Live Results

Caila Ball-Dionne | November 12, 2015 4:25 am

If Carson Daly is looking for another twist this season, he should just go for a total rename of The Voice. The performance shows can be called “Two Hours Of Endless Praise,” while the Live Results can be called “Questionable Decisions: The Musical.”

The questionable decisions were pretty evenly split between the coaches and the voting public last night, as the six finalists on each team were cut down to just three: two chosen by the voters, and one save each by Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine.

Before the results, and the imminent “who should have really stayed?” debate to follow, there are a whole slew of performances to get through. The Voice prepped us for the farewells with some group performances, and a return performance by Season 8 champ Sawyer Fredericks!

Sawyer has still got it when he performs his new single “Take It All.” The Voice success hasn’t changed him a bit – or at the very least, has not changed his signature long hair and bowler hat combo. Though his season of covers was swell, it is nice to see the young singer-songwriter performing his own music now.

Singing advanced encouragement to the future eliminees, Team Gwen’s Regina Love, Korin Bukowski, Braiden Sunshine, Ellie Lawrence, Victor Király and Jeffrey Austin perform The Five Stairsteps’ “Oh Child (Things Are Gonna Get Easier).” The sentiment is totally true… if by easier they mean their Mondays and Tuesdays are freed up for the time being. The performance is just okay, though Jeffrey Austin is the standout of the group.

Naturally, the members of Team Blake stick with country words of wisdom when they perform Rascal Flatts’ “Stand.” Zach Seabaugh, Barrett Barber, Emily Ann Roberts, Nadjah Nicole and Morgan Frazier all end the song with their arms around each other. It’s sweet, but there have got to be some cutthroat ambitions under all the air kisses, right?

By the time Team Pharrell is up, they don’t even try to conceal the sadness. Madi Davis, Evan McKeel, Mark Hood, Darius Scott, Riley Biederer and Celeste Betton sing R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts,” a tune that is comically (for terrible people) on the nose.

Finally, Team Adam sings Johnnyswim’s “Diamonds.” Though only three of them will rise out of the dust, as the song says, it’s a fun performance from Amy Vachal, Shelby Brown, Jordan Smith, Chance Peña, Blaine Mitchell and Keith Semple.

Ready to crush some dreams? Here’s who made it to the next round, and who will spend the next month telling their friends about how they got a red chair to turn like a zillion times.


Top 12 Material: Jeffrey Austin, Braiden SunshineSaved by the Coach: Korin BukowskiHoping for Another Comeback Twist: Regina Love, Ellie Lawrence, Viktor Király


Top 12 Material: Barrett Baber, Zach SeabaughSaved by the Coach: Emily Ann Roberts (insert Blake’s fatherly weakness for 16-year-old blond country singers here)Going Home: Nadjah Nicole, Ivonne Acero, Morgan Frazier


Top 12 Material: Madi Davis, Evan McKeelSaved by the Coach: Mark HoodHoping for Another Comeback Twist: Celeste Betton, Darius Scott, Riley Biederer


Top 12 Material: Shelby Brown, Jordan SmithSaved by the Coach: Amy VachalHoping for Another Comeback Twist: Chance Peña, Blaine Mitchell, Keith Semple

As fun as it was to see some comebacks this week, it turned out to only be a brief stay of their reality TV execution as all four got the ax. As for those who made it through, there are a few surprises in the mix, no? Braiden Sunshine over Viktor Király? Evan McKeel and Mark Hood over Riley Biederer? Emily Ann Roberts over…any of the three eliminated from Team Blake?

The people have spoken, apparently. Anything you want to add? Hit us up below.