Watch Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Sing Christmas Creep Duet “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Carl Williott | November 16, 2015 3:49 pm

It’s not even Thanksgiving but we’re already deep into the onslaught of holiday marketing campaigns shoving red-ribboned cars and family festivity down our throats. And now Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are in a Christmas commercial, singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in a new ad for Barnes & Noble. (I would love to see the market research that led to the conclusion that Gaga-Bennett-struggling chain bookstore had a juicy demographic overlap.)

The Cheek To Cheek collaborators are actually pretty cute as they browse the bookstore and then feign surprise when they bump into each other. Since we know the Cheek To Cheek sequel is all Cole Porter songs, you have to wonder if the full version of this duet will be released as a one-off single. Or not, depending on how you feel about the cliched Christmas creep anthem (flash back to Vanity Fair‘s Cheek To Cheek review: “At least they didn’t defrost ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside'”).

Watch below.

Previously, Gaga sang the yuletide duet with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for her 2013 Muppets holiday special.