The Game’s Instagram Is Pure Thirst

Mike Wass | November 16, 2015 7:41 pm

The Game caused a stir last month when he posted a picture of his gigantic bulge on Instagram. He obviously enjoyed the attention because the nudes have come thick and fast since then. The rapper has shared an array of underwear pics and taken more semi-clothed gym selfies than your average porn star. Not that his fans seem to mind. The 35-year-old’s last thirst trap nabbed 100,000+ likes.

And then there’s the XXX commentary that goes along with it. “Stop and get some Wet Wipes cause Im gone be ass naked soon as you open the door so that vajayjay gone drip,” he hashtagged a recent pic. “Then Im pullin yo panties dress skirt or pants the fuck off and slidin under that pussy like a mechanic slide under cars.” If the rap thing doesn’t work out, Game has a promising future in a special type of fiction.

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