‘Scream Queens’ Recap: Nick Jonas Haunts ’Ghost Stories’

Lisa Timmons | November 18, 2015 9:15 am

For those of you who had a hankering for some more Nick Jonas, the most recent episode of Scream Queens should satisfy your craving. His presumed-dead character Boone returns for an episode-long haunting as a “ghost” in disguise that keeps being mistaken for Joaquin Phoenix. The identity of one of the murderous Red Devils is revealed, as more information about the bathtub babies (that’s right, there were definitely TWO) comes to light.

To start us off, we find Boone wandering around campus sporting some fake facial hair and a wig. He causes a stir among undergrads who think he’s Joaquin Phoenix. However, after he has to take off his fake mustache and beard, Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) spots him and immediately assumes he’s the ghost of slain Boone. And so his ruse begins as she runs off screaming.

Chanel No. 5 (Abigal Breslin) is hellbent on leaving the house while Chanel Oberlin AKA No. 1 (Emma Roberts) brags about how she’s all dressed up to meet the family of her boyfriend Chad (Glen Powell) at their family compound in the Hamptons over the holiday. She boasts that Chad gave her a silver turkey wishbone necklace, with the expectation that an engagement ring will follow by Christmas.

Zayday (Keke Williams) finds Grace (Skyler Samuels) in her room, not packing. Grace is still angry with her dad and planning on spending some time alone at the house — that is, until Zayday convinces her to come with her to her grandmother’s home.

While packing up the expensive wardrobe of No. 1 with security-guard-turned-sorority-house-mother Denise (Niecy Nash), Chanel No. 3 cracks and confesses to seeing the ghost of “dead gay Boone.” This immediately prompts Denise to drag the girls to the fireplace for some ghost stories. She tells several, the most memorable of which is supposedly of Japanese origin and takes place in a bathroom.

According to the tale of the “Red Cloak,” if you run out of toilet paper in the women’s bathroom, you’ll find a red and a blue roll of toilet paper. Selecting the red means your throat will be slit. Choosing blue is death by strangulation.

Over at Chad’s room, Boone appears to him to say he’s a ghost and needs to win over Zayday to win back his life. Consequently, Chad lends him his best shirt.

Denise pops in for a bathroom break, only to find red and blue toilet paper in her stall. She’s attacked by a Red Devil, but manages to escape. She gathers the Chanels in a bedroom and locks them inside together, requesting another scary story. Chanel No. 6 AKA Hester (Lea Michele) obliges with her story about a sorority girl from the ’50s who was tailgated by a truck driver who saved her from an attacker in the backseat of her car. Denise is appeased and unlocks the door. No. 5 attempts to leave the house.

Zayday and her sweetie, Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount), make out in her room. Before things get too heated, he whisks away to get some special sex props from his room, as we all know we did in college. Once he’s gone, Zayday hears Boone come in through the window. He tries to seduce her, but she is having none of it. Both Zayday and Grace call him out for faking his death. They struggle until he falls out of the window and mysteriously disappears.

Grace and Zayday run downstairs to let the girls know he’s not dead. No. 5 storms off out of the house finally, after threatening to do so this entire episode. She almost crosses paths with Earl Grey on his return to the house, but he is viciously murdered by Red Devil Boone in the front yard.

No. 5 drives home and hears a radio reports that Boone is on the loose. A semi truck starts to trail her with bright lights and honking, just like No. 6’s story. She jumps out at a gas station and the truck driver claims he was trying to warn her of an attacker in her backseat. They look in the backseat to find it’s empty. However, from behind the car, the Red Devil sneakily appears and stabs the well-meaning albeit unlucky truck driver to death.

No. 6 approaches Chad to ask why he didn’t ask her to Thanksgiving. After listing his reasons, she slinks off threateningly.

The Kappa girls are all freaked out at the news that Earl Grey is dead and No. 5 was nearly attacked by the Red Devil. They decide that Boone is one of the Red Devils, as well as a baby in the bathtub from the infamous Kappa party. No. 3 is freaked out and asks for a ghost story to calm her nerves. No. 6 angrily reveals to the whole sorority that she’s pregnant with Chad’s baby.

Chanel approaches Chad to ask about if it’s true about Hester being pregnant. He admits that they had sex and because she’s pregnant, he has to marry her now. He offers her the consolation prize of being his side piece. She’s appropriately offended and tells him he’s going to pay for this and basically threatens to kill him before she leaves.

No. 3 and No. 5 meet Chanel No. 1 in her closet, where she apologizes to them before instructing them to help her “get rid of No. 6,” i.e. kill her so she can win Chad back.

Detective Chisholm (Jim Klock) is back and has brought the Department of Paranormal Exploration because he thinks the killer is a ghost. They even try to set up equipment to try and record ghost activity and advise the girls to not have sex with any ghosts.

Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) tries to speak up, but Zayday cuts her off and storms away with Grace to go pack and leave the house. Munsch then reams Detective Chisholm for being incompetent and tosses him out of the Kappa house. Dean Munsch meets the girls in their bedroom, where they pack up to leave. She admits that there were twin babies in the bathtub, a boy and girl, and confirms that Boone was the boy.

But the real question remains: How did the babies end up with Gigi (Nasim Pedrad)?

In a fancy-looking lair with a fireplace, Boone vents to the other Red Devil that Zayday turned him down cold. Gigi shows up to let him know that there’s an APB out for his arrest. She chastises Boone for kidnapping Zayday, walking around out of costume and attempting to seduce Zayday, despite the risk to their revenge plan.

Boone admits that he learned how to slow his breath to pretend to die and pretended to be gay to infiltrate the Dicky Dollar Scholars, which explains why he’s actually attracted to Zayday. As he corners her, the Red Devil trails him and then stabs Boone, much to his shock.

“Your commitment to revenge is clearly greater than your brother’s was,” Gigi tells the other Red Devil. But who is it?

Back at the house, the remaining Chanels congregate in No. 1’s closet and let No. 6 try on clothes. They feed her sushi, unpasteurized cheese and tobacco-infused champagne and after she consumes them with gusto, they call her out for not being pregnant. No. 6 confesses that even though she’s not pregnant, she’s still going to the Radwell Estate. Chanel No. 1 runs after her screaming and shocks her by apologizing at the top of the stairs. After lulling No. 5 into a false sense of security, No. 1 violently shoves her down the stairs.

“Let’s get her in that meat locker,” Chanel No. 1 says evilly before the other two look at her and realize that once again, there’s going to be another dead body in the meat locker who ended up in there at the hands of No. 1.