Melanie Martinez Delivers Oddly Romantic “Soap”/”Training Wheels” Double Feature

Mike Wass | November 18, 2015 5:28 pm
Melanie Martinez's "Soap" (Steve James Remix)
Melanie Martinez's "Soap" gets a tropical wave makeover from DJ Steve James.

Melanie Martinez delivered one of the best debuts of 2015 with Cry Baby. An outrageously ambitious concept album that documents the misadventures and observations of a twisted toddler, the 20-year-old’s opus is a dark fairy tale set to music. That is also reflected by the videos, which have thus far found the “Dollhouse” singer celebrating the worst birthday ever (“Pity Party”) and portraying a dead kid (“Sippy Cup”).

Needless to say, the bar is pretty high for Melanie’s latest visual. A double feature for current single “Soap” and Babydaddy-produced album highlight “Training Wheels,” the videos show very different perspectives on love. Cry Baby (the album’s narrator) is driven to murder by it in the former, whereas she’s positively euphoric in the latter. Both are equally (and oddly) romantic. Watch the self-directed blockbuster up top.

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