‘Scream Queens’: Chad Michael Murray Guest Stars, Lea Michele Rises Again On “Thanksgiving”

Lisa Timmons | November 25, 2015 9:51 am

The final minutes of last week’s episode left Chanel No. 6 AKA Hester (Lea Michele) and Boone (Nick Jonas) presumably dead. However, as we have all learned watching Scream Queens week after week, nobody’s ever really, truly dead — that is, until you see their head served on a silver platter at Thanksgiving.

It opens with Chanel Oberlin AKA No. 1 (Emma Roberts) telling Chad that not only was Hester not pregnant with his baby, but she essentially admits that she killed her bedazzlded neck-brace-wearing sorority sister to be with Chad.

No. 1 also confesses she put the body in the meat locker. Chad, who you might recall dabbles in light necrophilia, gets turned on by the murder and asks to see the body. No. 1 grudgingly agrees in the hopes that it will bring them closer together. Again, the body is missing. Chad suggests Hester was alive and escaped and is likely to seek revenge on Chanel No. 1. It’s a Thanksgiving mystery!

Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) pouts that she’s spending Thanksgiving in a hotel with the other Red Devil, who isn’t speaking to her and still in costume, complete with a mask. Gigi orders them room service, which arrives with an electric carving knife for the tiny bird served to them. She admits the closest thing she has to a family is the still unidentifiable Red Devil, to whom she hands the carving knife.

Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) arrives home for Thanksgiving at the Swenson family home. Her mother greets her with a glass of white wine in hand. No. 3 arrives to see the family in their traditional dinner positions in a series of barcaloungers positioned in front of a wall of television sets with individual cooked frozen dinners positioned on TV trays. After being placed in the back row of barcaloungers for being late, No. 3 explodes in outrage and storms off. When her mother asks, “Where are you going?” She replies, “Home,” and we next see her at the sorority house.

No. 3 steps inside to hear an ominous whacking noise. In the kitchen, we see that Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is preparing a turkey for cooking. Turns out, they’re both Thanksgiving orphans. How sweet!

Grace’s dad, Wes (Oliver Hudson), pulls out a delicious-looking turkey and calls Grace (Skyler Samuels), who answers haughtily. They fight over the fact that she’s not coming over to Thanksgiving. He admits that Gigi’s a no-show and Grace reluctantly invites him to come join her and the other “orphans” at Kappa house.

Gathered round the table at the Radwell family Thanksgiving is Chad’s father (Alan Thicke), mother Bunny Radwell (Julia Duffy, and hot but insufferable brothers, Brad (Chad Michael Murray) and Thad (Patrick Schwarzenegger). After a series of passive aggressive attacks on her, Chanel No. 1 explodes at the table just before Hester arrives.

In an attempt to keep things under wraps, Chad introduces Hester as his sober coach. She confesses to No. 1 that the neck brace saved her life when she fell down the stairs and the cold of the meat locker helped bring down the swelling. Hester then toasts to announce that she’s pregnant with Chad’s baby. Bunny is outraged and calls both girls “two gold-digging hoochies.”

Zayday (Keke Palmer), No. 3, Dean Munsch and Wes are now all at Kappa house for Thanksgiving, waiting for the turkey to cook. Dean Munsch thinks the two Red Devils are Boone and No. 3. To counter, No. 3 thinks it’s Dean Munsch.

At the Radwell dinner, Chanel No. 1 hides in a bathroom to call her mom for advice, but she’s drunk. Chad’s dad asks her for her price to go away. He calls her trash and asserts that she “will never get her hands on the Radwell fortune.” Offended, she storms off to see Chad and Hester chatting. He suggests maybe she should leave and is leaning toward believing Hester is actually pregnant, since she wasn’t dead either.

Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) shows up to Kappa house with a meat dish since her family forgot to tell her they were going on vacation without her. No. 3 starts to explain Dean Munsch’s motive and both Grace and Zayday chime in as well.

No. 3 claims she saw Dean Munsch eating a bologna sandwich and, in fact, everything she’s been eating at the table should be affecting her if she truly has the allergy she claims. Wes then interrupts to say that he thinks Grace might be the killer. Somebody smash his “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, if he has one.

The whole gang starts to think that Grace arrived at campus and joined the sorority just to start killing. Suddenly, Pete (Diego Boneta) appears to say that Grace isn’t the killer. However, Wes would like to state his case first.

Apparently, Grace’s visit to campus coincided with the fatal spray-tan-acid incident. Dad also brings up that he saw her with the Red Devil, who was Pete in his costume. That’s when Pete accuses Grace’s dad of being the Red Devil killer.

Meanwhile, the Radwell family Pictionary game begins and the game basically consists of the family humiliating Hester by drawing out the clue “Neckbrace Whore.” Disgusted, Chanel No. 1 apologizes to Hester for the Radwells being jerks to her. She then calls them “The Most Awful Family in America” and ceremoniously breaks up with Chad. She leaves with Hester following close behind. They return to Kappa house.

Pete reveals that he found out that Grace’s dad’s freshman year partied in the house and knew about the secret tunnel. And Pete also claims that he saw Wes on the security footage.

Wes claims his excuse is that he’s doing Paleo and needed to steal meat from the meat locker because he’s broke. Weak, but whatevs. Pete also reveals that after stealing Boone’s and Mr. Gardener’s hair for a DNA comparison he found out that Wes is Boone’s father and, consequently, the father of both the bathtub babies. Gasp! Wes claims to be stunned by this information.

A return from commercial break sees Grace and Wes have a heart to heart. She reminds him that they are family, despite what’s happened so far.

Finally, the turkey is ready and Chanel No. 1 and Hester arrive to eat Thanksgiving dinner. They sit down for a “quiet, uneventful Thanksgiving.” Suddenly, Chad appears in the doorway. He and No. 1 kiss and make up, inexplicably.

However, before they can all dig into the turkey, the lid of the platter is lifted and everyone screams in reaction. Turns out, it’s got Gigi’s head sitting on it.

So, whodunnit?!?!? Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!