Rihanna’s ‘Anti’: Yahoo’s Premature, Accidentally-Published Review Is The Best Thing You Missed Online This Thankgsiving

Robbie Daw | November 26, 2015 10:39 pm

While the bulk of the United States was stuffing its face on Thanksgiving (November 26), someone at the controls of Yahoo made a big boo boo and accidentally published an unfinished, preliminary review of Rihanna‘s forthcoming album Anti, complete with placement text. One particularly comical bit reads as follows:

The 27-year-old performer’s latest album has [NUMBER OF TRACKS] and its lyrics [HYPERLINK TO RAP GENIUS] continue the “BBHMM” storyline of an even edgier, freer Rihanna than fans were introduced to in her last album three years ago, Unapologetic. Rihanna especially pushes the edge in [NAME RELEVANT SONG FROM ANTI THAT MATCHES DESCRIPTION], where she sings:


A deafening rumor within the music industry is that RiRi’s latest LP is set to drop on TIDAL once Friday rolls around. And you certainly can’t fault Yahoo for wanting to have some sort of writeup ready for when this thing arrives, considering the album’s supposed release falls on a national holiday.


That said, someone’s itchy trigger finger needs a spanking…especially since the incomplete article was published nearly eight (!) hours ago at this point. (UPDATE: The review has since been taken down.) Oh, well — thanks for the hearty laugh, Yahoo!

Catch the writeup below.

Yahoo Mic Rihanna Anti Review

In response to the goof, the author of the article simply tweeted the following:

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