Rihanna Releases New ‘Anti’ Promo: Watch

Christina Lee | November 28, 2015 11:19 am
Yahoo's 'Anti' "Review
The funniest thing you'll read today is this premature take on Rihanna's new album.

Yesterday, to the disappointment of critics worldwide, Rihanna did not release her eighth album Anti. Instead, she released the second promo for Anti (above).

The singer behind “Bitch Better Have My Money,” wearing a white babydoll dress and choker with a key, walks into a studio. Her body convulses when she touches the soundboard made of clear plastic. Then a small army of bandits appears behind her, as she stares straight into the camera. It is all only slightly less cryptic than the Anti promo she released earlier this week.

For those who cannot access ANTIdiary.com as instructed (the site reads “Go to ANTIdiary.com on your mobile device” for me, even though I’m already there), faithful members of the Navy got you covered. A young girl says, “My voice is my power. My mark will be permanent. The transformation is coming, and there is strength in numbers.” A few unidentified adults, one of whom sounds like Lady Gaga, take similar vows. There isn’t much in this second promo that you haven’t heard of Anti before; it is just presented in a new, arty way.

Rihanna has gone through great lengths to stress that Anti will be this grand statement. But for those wondering exactly what she has to say, the wait continues.

Watch the second promo up top, then check out what the Navy uncovered from ANTIdiary.com below.

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