‘The Voice’: Watch Gwen Stefani’s “Used To Love You” Performance, Jordan Smith Does “Hallelujah”

Caila Ball-Dionne | December 1, 2015 10:32 am
Gwen Stefani's "Used To Love You" Video
Gwen Stefani debuts raw and intimate "Used To Love You" video. Watch now.

Enjoy this week’s The Voice, kids, because starting next week the fun and games are over. Though only one out of the final 10 contestants will get knocked out tonight, come next week it gets real — as in, five contestants eliminated real. Woof.

Speaking of woof, Gwen Stefani performs her divorce anthem “Used to Love You” in front of current man friend Blake Shelton. She’s dressed like a beautiful, ethereal ice princess — kind of like a scorned Frozen — and knocks it out of the snowy park. Blake gives her a standing ovation, and perhaps Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams do to, but the camera is mostly focused on the rebound relationship.

In terms of competing performers, they were pretty on point last night. Here’s who’s vying for a spot in next week’s semifinals:

Team Gwen: Jeffrey Austin

Jeffrey Austin has found his niche in the powerful and emotional category, and wisely stays right there for his top 10 performance. He sings Labrinth’s “Jealous,” a soulful song from the British pop singer, and it’s again a perfect choice for his voice.

“We were kind of transported from the competition and taken directly to what you’re doing,” says Adam. “You just really have a bright future.”

“I haven’t been wrapped up as much in an entire performance as I have been in that performance,” says Blake.

“I didn’t want it to end,” says Gwen. “I’m so honored to be part of this with you.”

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine

Remember in Season 6 when soon-to-be finalist Will Champlin and James Wolpert sang Imagine Dragons‘ “Radioactive” in the Battle Round? No? What could possibly be more important that has knocked that memory out of your brain? In any case, those two strong contestants struggled with the song in a brutal Battle. Considerably weaker singer Braiden Sunshine tries the same song three seasons later, and he struggles even more with breath and pitch issues. The coaches, however, see no wrong.

“I respect your courage and your balls,” says Adam. “I love what you do.”

“Great job tonight,” says Blake, before inexplicably adding, “You’re such a throwback to the ’80s.”

“You’re so punk rock tonight, cutting your hair like that,” says Gwen, focusing on non-vocal compliments. “I want to remind everyone that he’s fifteen!”

Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski

This is a critical week for Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski. The indie singer, who has found herself in the bottom two for two weeks in a row, would be breaking records (well, at least Voice records) if she gets sent to and survives a third Instant Save performance this week. Hoping to avoid that whole nail-biter, Korin sings Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.” The young singer sounds more like Gwen Stefani every day.

“Your confidence throughout this season has been continuing to shine,” says Pharrell. “Today was your moment.”

“You are making me crazy right now,” says an excited Gwen. “I’m so proud of you.”

Team Adam: Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown has been full of potential all season, but hasn’t recently had an undeniable performance. She goes for an emotional connection with Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High On That Mountain,” and, though strong, it feels like more of the same thing. If you make it to next week, Shelby, give us some Carrie Underwood! Go Idol with Kelly Clarkson! You’ll arguably still earn the same unconditional praise from the coach, but go big!

“This was honestly your best performance,” says Pharrell. “You connected to the intention of the person who wrote that song.”

“Every single week you get better and better and better,” says Adam “We are all so proud of you.”

Team Adam: Amy Vachal

It’s another jazzy folk cover of a pop song by Amy Vachal – how unexpected! Wait, is there a sarcastic font? This week, the de-popping treatment is given to *NYSNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” It’s more interesting than last week’s Taylor Swift cover, but are we really continuing to support this? (According to iTunes and the coaches, yes, yes we are.)

“Just take a bunch of pop songs, flip ’em: everybody wants to see that!” says Gwen. “Who wouldn’t want to see that?”

“We’ve really been able to show people that there are a million different ways a great song can be a great song,” says Adam. “They’re a really good display of your artistry.”

Team Adam: Jordan Smith

It’s time for more sarcastic font. In a completely unexpected twist, Jordan Smith sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Listen, we get it: Jordan has an incredible voice and should sing iconic songs, but hasn’t this one been trotted out just a few too many times not to earn an eye roll? Has someone already done “House Of The Rising Sun” this season? Are we completely out of songs? Still: rave reviews from all of the coaches.

“It’s incredible and it’s over the top,” says Blake.

“The only word that really comes to mind for me is effortless,” says Pharrell.

“It’s just important what you do. You lift people. You lift me,” says Adam. “Every time I hear you sing it’s just an experience.”

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis

When Pharrell’s last standing contestant, Madi Davis, is tasked with keeping Team P in the competition, she handles it like a boss. The young singer performs a stripped-down version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” and it’s a real showstopper. It’s strong, sweet and – other than the inclusion of a distracting soprano saxophone – produced flawlessly.

“It’s amazing just to see how far everybody’s come,” says Adam. “Really beautiful.”

“I would be so curious to see what songs you would write because I feel like you’re so full of instinct and music,” says Gwen. “To think of what you can do in the future!”

“That was sick, right?” says Pharrell. “I would love for everybody at home to go on iTunes and buy that record right now.”

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts

As a former doubter, it’s hard to admit that Team Blake’s country sweetheart Emily Ann Roberts has really hit her stride, but it’s undeniable at this point. She keeps up her country classic kick with Patsy Cline’s “She’s Got You.” It’s not the same breakout performance as last week’s take on The Judds‘ “Why Not Me,” but it’s strong, steady and downright impressive.

“I don’t want to sound generic, but honestly that was fantastic,” says Pharrell. “You sing with such an old soul.”

“You were a good singer when you started the show, but now you are a phenomenal singer,” says Adam.

“I’ve never had a better collaborator in nine seasons of doing this show than working with Emily Ann,” says Blake. “That was your best performance so far this season.”

Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh

Zach Seabaugh is going to make a bride very happy one day…as her wedding singer. He busts out every little bit of his charisma to perform Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and it would definitely have even the grumpiest of uncles break out his Drake moves on the reception dance floor. Though it’s incredibly cheesy, the ladies in the audience go completely wild.

“I can’t talk because they’re screaming over me,” says Adam, whose other comments are drowned out by the applause.

“I don’t know that we’ve ever heard the likes of the screaming from girls in here,” says Blake, who adds, “That was your best performance.”

Team Blake: Barrett Baber

Closing out the night is Barrett Baber, who reaches back to the ’80s to find Conway Twitty’s “I’d Just Love To Lay You Down.” Like the bulk of the contestants, he just keeps getting better every week. It may not have been the most lights-out performance of the night, but it’s sweet and back to the simple acoustic performances Barrett does best.

“That was my favorite performance from you in awhile because I feel like you were getting back to your roots,” says Adam. “It was just so genuine, and so real, and so you.”

“I’m pointing to the Top 10 in iTunes,” says Blake, super prophetically. “I’ve never heard you sing better than that.”

The joy and happiness continue with tonight’s results show, where 90 percent of the contestants will receive positive affirmations as they are voted through to the semi-finals. As a consolation prize for the one contestant who doesn’t move on, Sia is performing! Win/win, right?