‘The Voice’: Korin Bukowski Faces Worst Live TV Nightmare, Forgets Half The Lyrics While Performing

Caila Ball-Dionne | December 2, 2015 8:15 am

As anxiety nightmares go, the one where you’re up on stage singing in front of thousands of people and then suddenly forget the lyrics is right up there on the wake up in cold sweats scale. Add a front row with celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine; a television audience of millions; perhaps a sudden death competition element…well that’s just about the worst nightmare ever.

Last night on The Voice, that nightmare was a reality for one contestant performing for an Instant Save. Even watching the performance unfold induced anxiety, and just made you want to give the underdog a do-over, or at least a hug.

Sadly, do-overs do not exist in the cruel world of reality competition, and hugging a television screen is a fairly empty gesture. Before all that drama unfolded, R. City, Adam Levine and Sia hit the stage, and eight of the top nine are announced.

R. City and Adam Levine perform “Locked Away.” Taking a gander is absolutely worth it for Adam’s un-choreographed (would we call them dance?) moves, especially the ones he starts and then sort of gives up on when he forgets that the camera is on him.

Not messing with any stage skipping, former Voice mentor Sia performs “Alive” stationary at a mic stand. There are some beautiful breaks in the middle of her powerful wails, and her black and white ensemble topped with a ginormous bow is all the stage presence she needs.

Speaking of “I’m aliiiiiive,” below is who makes it through.

Advancing to the Semi-Finals:

Team Adam: Jordan Smith, Amy Vachal, Shelby BrownTeam Blake: Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Baber, Zach SeabaughTeam Gwen: Jeffrey AustinTeam Pharrell: Madi Davis

Korin Bukowski is sent to the Instant Save for a third week in a row, this time against teammate Braiden Sunshine. This third save performance does not go as well as the previous two for Korin, as she forgets many, many, many lyrics in Colbie Caillat’s “Try.” It’s hard to watch, made even harder when Carson Daly gives her a big hug and tells her, “Some people would have run right off the stage.”

At least the coaches did not fail sensitivity training.

“That’s happened to all of us,” says Blake. “I will not be surprised to see you saved once again this week because of what you’ve already laid out there.”

“You’re someone who got knocked down and who got right back up,” says Pharrell. “You hold your head up high.”

“The reason she had that moment right there is because she feels, and she’s real,” says Gwen. “I’m so proud of you. I don’t care about that. You are so awesome.”

Braiden remembers all of the lyrics to Maroon 5’s “Harder To Breath,” and has the band’s front man totally into it. His confident performance stands out next to the worst televised moment of Korin’s life, which may have the opposite effect of eliciting sympathy votes for Korin.

“You have the best taste ever,” says Adam. “That’s a back-against-the wall song.”

“I’m amazed by your confidence and your openness,” says his coach. “I’ve just been honored to know you.”

In a surprisingly close vote, the Instant Save goes to Braiden. It’s a bummer to see Korin go out on a fluke memory lapse, but she’ll be back in all of her glory to perform in the quickly approaching finals.

Next week, the Top 9 will be voted down to just four in the Semi-Finals. On an even more exciting note: Dolly Parton joins the Voice fam! The country icon will jump in for a little mentoring sesh, and will even perform “Coat Of Many Colors” live in a cross-promotion for the NBC movie of the week of the same name. Expect some festive synergy!