Beyoncé’s “Blow” Gets A Super-Disco Remix From Darkside’s Dave Harrington: Listen

Carl Williott | December 2, 2015 1:29 pm

Dave Harrington, formerly of Darkside, has remixed Beyoncé‘s “Blow” for his 12 Days Of Remixes project. It’s a nice reminder that we’re about to hit the two-year anniversary of Beyoncé Day, which will most likely overtake Christmas as the dominant December holiday for future generations.

For his “Copyright Breaking Edit,” Harrington zooms in on the funk groove at the heart of the song, looping it alongside Bey vocal samples and a brittle hi-hat to turn it into a glittering disco epic. There’s a techno suite in the middle, but the mirror ball returns for the big finish.

Break out your dancing platforms and give it a spin below.