Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Hints At “Going Our Separate Ways” In Spanish Interview: Watch

Robbie Daw | December 4, 2015 6:20 pm
Fifth Harmony's "Monster" Video
Watch the spooky romp that is 5H's 'Hotel Transylvania 2' soundtrack single.

Fifth Harmony are currently in Spain doing promotion, and during a 16-minute on-camera interview with Madrid’s Europa FM the girls answered questions from fans. The bulk of the quintet’s responses were rather innocuous until the tail end, when Dinah Jane replied to what is surely everyone‘s fave thing to be asked: “Where do you see yourselves in five years time?”

“We’ve been together for basically three years now, and looking back, we’re very, very happy with where we’re at right now,” Dinah said. “But from here on out, we just wanna see — we just wanna hopefully win a couple more awards together; maybe build more music together, as well, before we…I feel like we’ll probably go our separate ways maybe later on.” She then seemed to lightly say the words, “That’s the truth.” (You can watch the full interview here.)

5H released their debut LP Reflection in February of this year and are said to currently be working on its follow-up with hit-makers such as super producer Max Martin.

Additionally, producer Harmony Samuels told Idolator in July, “I just started working with them last week for their new album. It’s really different. It’s really fresh. They’ve definitely grown. It’s a little bit more soulful, a little bit more quirky, definitely a little bit more Destiny’s Child-esque, you know what I’m saying? You’re going to hear more of their voices as individuals.”

Here’s hoping Dinah’s words are true, and we’ll at least see another album from the group before they do go their separate ways.

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