Noel Gallagher Says Adele Makes “Music For Grannies,” Must’ve Forgotten He’s On The New Coldplay Album

Carl Williott | December 9, 2015 1:05 pm

It seems the only demographic that fails to appreciate the power of Adele is the aging Britpop demo. Earlier this year, Damon Albarn called her music “middle-of-the-road” and Noel Gallagher expressed his indifference about her. And now the former Oasis member has doubled down on his critique of the 25 superstar, saying she makes “music for fucking grannies.”

“Lately, the one I’ve been asked about is Adele,” he recently told Australian site MusicFeeds. “If someone wants to know what I think of Adele, I’ll fucking tell them. Not because I have any sort of agenda or because I’m trying to whip up any kind of hysteria. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t like her music. I think it’s music for fucking grannies.”

She does indeed make music that is safe for senior citizens. But you could say the same about Coldplay, who recently teamed up with Gallagher on a corny piece of uplifting dreck.

Jared Leto had similarly dismissive things to say about another universally lauded pop star, Taylor Swift, and he soon retracted his comments with an apology. It’s unlikely Gallagher will do any backtracking (not that he should!).

“The way I was brought up, you’re obliged to give an honest answer if someone asks you an honest question. If you trot out the same bullshit all the time, then you’re one of them. And I’m not one of them. I’m one of us.”

[via Stereogum]

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