Whatcha Say: Mariah Carey, Iggy Azalea & Taylor Swift Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | December 11, 2015 8:00 pm
The 50 Best Pop Singles Of 1995
We revisit & rank the 50 best hits from 1995 & interview artists in the process!

We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles and Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in London.

The 2016 Grammy nominations were announcedAdele ruled this week’s charts (again) while Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Melanie Martinez and Future all revealed tour dates for next year.

On Idolator’s end, we began churning out our year-end lists that included: Best Albums of 2015, Worst Album Covers, Best Nudes From Pop Divas, 10 Timeless Divas Who Made A Comeback, 10 Best EPs of 2015 and 50 Best Pop Singles From 1995!

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: Pale Grass Blue shaded us on 2015’s Best Albums: Idolator Editors Pick Their Favorite 15: “Best album or best advertisement. You guys get a grip!”

:: As did sean: “gosh, i’m kinda surprised by this list. for a site i turn to daily, you editors really don’t have the best taste in music. many better albums released than a lot of these. the little boots is a huge let down after nocturnes, big sean?????. where is the annie ep, or the janet, or the badu mixtape or andra day. the peaches rocked, destroyer was amazing, and uuummmmmm the amazing new order album this year.”

:: But Jay had good thinking: “People are so quick to criticize. It’s a list. Calm down. If it makes you feel better, make your own list.”

:: Day shared thoughts on Busta Rhymes Brings Out Mariah Carey For Uninspiring “I Know What You Want” Reunion: Watch: “It’s against my beliefs to speak negatively about MC also. But on the same token I’m not a delusional fan that thinks she’s always amazing. That being said, she sounded pretty good here (even if she wasn’t fresh out of the hospital) This wasn’t professionally televised (with her mic feed being separate & tweaked) there was no dubbing, she wasn’t singing with a backing track, etc, etc. It was better than I thought it might be. She looks great w/her recent weight loss, too. Those ill fitting pants confused me, but her voice sounded fine.”

:: JoanCrawford1 had strong feelings on 10 Timeless Divas Who Made A Comeback In 2015 — From Madonna To Enya: “This article is so sad.. Mariah did not have a comeback!! that song was a flop – her vegas tour was a flop. She was a FLOP.”

:: While bplenc called us names: “Mariah Carey? hahaha you guys are fucking idiots.”

:: Lanie Cruishank spoke the truth on Jared Leto Apologizes For His “I Don’t Give A F**k” Critique Of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ LP: “Jared should just own up to it and stick to his comment. You don’t have to like Taylor or her artistry. Why apologize when that is your true feelings? Insincerity is worse and that’s what I get from his “damage control” fake apology.”

:: Lastly, AXG threw classy shade on Iggy Azalea Previews New Song “7teen”: Watch: “I don’t know her..”

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