Aly & AJ Are Back! (Goodbye, 78violet)

Mike Wass | December 14, 2015 5:42 pm
They Didn't Deserve To Flop (The Disney Edition)
It's not easy to make the transition from teen queen to adult pop star.

Aly & AJ reemerged after a five year break in 2013 with a new single (“Hothouse”), new name and new sound. The duo, now rebranded as 78violet, left their pop/rock roots behind in favor of a more organic, folk-tinged direction. The music was sublime (see the gorgeous “Boy” below), but it didn’t really connect outside their loyal fan base and they disappeared again. However, it looks like the sisters are back for round three!

The Into The Rush divas changed their Twitter handle back to Aly & AJ over the weekend and posted a new picture with the hashtags “#Weareback #Wednesday.” The latter is particularly exciting. Are they going to drop a new single on December 16? Or perhaps we’ll finally get that Hothouse LP? Time will tell, but it’s great to have the “Potential Breakup Song” legends back on the pop scene.

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