Whatcha Say: The Bitchiest Idolator Reader Comments Of 2015

Bianca Gracie | December 18, 2015 10:30 am
The 20 Best Pop Songs Of 2015
Our editors select their 20 favorite songs of the year. See if you agree!

We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with Adele announcing the North American leg of her 2016 World Tour.

One Direction gave their final performance before their hiatus on The X FactorMariah Carey revealed her Sweet Sweet Fantasy European Tour and Rihanna is still not finished with ANTI (according to Sia).

But forget about the current news going on in the music industry for a second — as today we are celebrating our awesome readers by gathering all the bitchiest comments we’ve encountered throughout 2015. From snarky remarks about pop divas like Madonna and Christina Aguilera to directly coming at us Idolator editors for our various music opinions, you all were not shy about saying what was on your mind!

So hold on to our wigs kids (because it will get messy), and read some of the best and shadiest comments of the past year below!

:: JBG1998 had very strong opinions about our Ibrawlator on Ibrawlator: Who Did The Underwear Photo Better, Nick Jonas Or Justin Bieber?: “Nick Jonas all the way. He looks like a sexy MAN! Justin? Not so much. He looks like a trashy butch lesbian. No offense to butch lesbians.”

:: Jay served up some cold shade towards Jennifer Lopez on Golden Globe Awards 2015: Jennifer Lopez’s Boob-Baring Gown Was The Talk Of The Show (6 Photos): “Her cleavage at award shows, much like Jennifer herself, is tired and desperate.”

:: alistaircrane had this gem on Miley Cyrus Promotes Masturbation With NSFW Instagram Photo Showing Her Hand Jammed Down Her Shorts: Enjoy Her Latest Sexy, Porn-Lite Pic: “Now I’m not a woman, but if I were, I imagine I’d undo that zipper if I were going to masturbate.”

:: Tom needed a break after watching the anti-smoking PSA, “Left Swipe Dat,” on Becky G Teams Up With Fifth Harmony For Tinder-Referencing, Anti-Smoking Anthem “Left Swipe Dat”: “This was so unbearable I had to light a cigarette to calm my nerves.”

:: Matt Davis wrote this gem on Ariana Grande Announces Debut Fragrance ‘Ari’: Watch: “Does it smell like doughnuts?”

:: Jesse German also got us together on The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Has A Writing Credit On Miguel’s ‘Wildheart’: “Corgan didn’t write some little piece of shit article on a second rate website, Carl.”

:: Luke Palm wrapped up with this on Britney Spears Hit The Studio With DJ Mustard: “All is good news until will.i.am pops up to the scene…”

:: Alan Smith clearly isn’t a fan on Is Madonna Prepping A “Justify My Love/”Whole Lotta Love” Mashup For The Rebel Heart Tour?: “Madonna used the gay community to culturally appropriate herself. Now she is using the Rock community to do the same thing. Pathetic old creature can’t just do pop tarty dance music.”

:: CA_Dreamin got Onika together on Nicki Minaj Blocked A Bunch Of Fans On Twitter For Complaining About TIDAL-Only Videos: “At this point, it’s astonishing to me that anyone gives a shit about her still. That attitude and ego is bigger than the ass that peddles it”

:: TRUE TEA spilled that true tea on Mariah Carey Slams ‘American Idol’ And Announces Christmas Album Re-Release In Radio Interview: “sounds to me like Mariah once again has to eat her own words. will the bitch ever own up to her insecurities and have a backbone for a change? I know it’s too much to ask to an act who never displayed any sense of courage throughout her whole career playing it safe with payola singles while sleeping with your label’s CEO…”

:: hf came us editors on Pop Perspective: Britney Spears And Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” Reviewed By Idolator Editors:: “lmfao poor Floppie and Flopanca and their no taste ‘reviews’, bye.”

:: Elveryska dragged editor Mike Wass on Pop Perspective: Madonna’s “Ghosttown” Video Reviewed By All Four Idolator Editors: “The video is amazing, Who is Mike Wass? I’d like to see his video…wait… yeah haha. Anyway, this video is amazing. The power of simplicity. It has story and message for all what else we need? Why would you even think about any effing housewife. Take of your head out of your rear end.”

:: Steve Kirk kept it real on Marina And The Diamonds Is Suspicious Of Artists That Pander To Gay Fans: “pandering to the gay community for financial gain/stardom is offensive” Nick Jonas step forward.

:: rockpaperscissorsOPRAAAH! was unimpressed with RiRi’s performance on Rihanna Performs “Bitch Better Have My Money” At iHeartRadio Music Awards: Watch: “That was actually pretty horrible. She’s got to be the laziest performer out right now. The costume, song, ‘dance’, just the presentation…I think I’ll wait a couple weeks to watch my local drag troupe do better before I pretend this song never existed :/”

:: Jay spilled the true tea on Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls”: 14 Hilariously Bitchy Reader Tweets About The Song: People who say its a terrible song clearly have not listened to “bitch better have my money.” That song is clearly the worst song of the year by a major artist.”

:: While musiqlova threw some shade on Iggy Azalea Slays SXSW 2015: 9 Pics Of Her Sizzling Performance: “All of her hits? … So her set was 2 songs long.”

:: bettie tried to come for our wig on Troll Alert: Skeme Claims He Ghost Wrote Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” Then Denied It On Twitter: “Why is idolator mad at the truth?? It is weird b/c if she was Nicki Minaj or Azaelia Banks they would be happy for this breaking news story.”

:: Pablo offered some shade on Major Lazer & DJ Snake Drop Their “Lean On” Collaboration Featuring MØ: Listen: “And it’s perfect for her, cause she’ll never have to sing it live.”

: While musick lova says what many of us are thinking on Iggy Azalea And Jennifer Hudson Have A High Speed Car Chase In “Trouble” Video: Watch: “Has iggy had a solo single Crack the top 20? She really owes Charli and Rita a big “thank you” for giving her a career and covering up the fact that she doesn’t have talent.”

:: Pale Grass Blue shaded us on 2015’s Best Albums: Idolator Editors Pick Their Favorite 15: “Best album or best advertisement. You guys get a grip!”

:: As did sean: “gosh, i’m kinda surprised by this list. for a site i turn to daily, you editors really don’t have the best taste in music. many better albums released than a lot of these. the little boots is a huge let down after nocturnes, big sean?????. where is the annie ep, or the janet, or the badu mixtape or andra day. the peaches rocked, destroyer was amazing, and uuummmmmm the amazing new order album this year.”

:: JoanCrawford1 had strong feelings on 10 Timeless Divas Who Made A Comeback In 2015 — From Madonna To Enya: “This article is so sad.. Mariah did not have a comeback!! that song was a flop – her vegas tour was a flop. She was a FLOP.”

:: While bplenc called us names: “Mariah Carey? hahaha you guys are fucking idiots.”

:: James made us LOL on Watch Queen Bee Mariah Carey Face Her Rival In New ‘A Christmas Melody’ Movie Preview: “Oh no mariah… i will stan for you musically to infinity and beyond, but acting? No can do. Just like Jennifer Lopez needs to stop with the music thing, mariah needs to stop with the acting”

:: Millennial Discussion had this gem on Niykee Heaton Ups The Tempo With Catchy Banger “Best Thing Ever”: “Britney gets DJ Mustard. This girl gets…DJ Mustard channeling. It’s like when you tell your mom you want Oreos and she comes back with chocolate creme O’s.”

:: Thomas Alex Dugrosprez had a pressing question on Rita Ora Returns To Her Drum And Bass Roots On Sigma’s “Coming Home”: Watch The Video: “What is she even doing with her career, apart being the female british Pitbull?”

:: Avedon made a harsh comparison on Sleigh Bells Accuse Demi Lovato Of Ripping Them Off On ‘Confident’ Bonus Track “Stars”: “Poor thing. Her album debuted at number two (not on top, Mike :D ), and now she’s flopped off the charts. I don’t dislike Demi, but her album is gawful. I started deleting tracks off my phone casually. Now I’m left with just the two singles and ‘Kingdom Come’. She’s trying too d*mn hard, she needs a despy. Basically, she’s the American Jessie J.”

:: Jay sparked a controversial argument on Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’: Album Review: “Revival” is to Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped as “Confident” is to “Lotus.”

:: Jess88 had a specific request on Pink Releasing New ‘Ellen’ Theme Song “Today’s The Day” As A Single Later This Week: “I refuse to purchase her tunes until she grows out that bullcut.”

What was your favorite reader comment highlight of 2015? Be sure to chime in with your own two cents in our comments section!