Azealia Banks Arrested For Biting Security Guard’s Boob, Bragged About Being On Rihanna’s Album

Mike Wass | December 16, 2015 10:41 pm
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Azealia Banks was arrested outside New York nightclub Up&Down on Wednesday (December 16). The Broke With Expensive Taste diva reportedly lost her temper when security guards refused to let her enter a private party. She was particularly miffed that they didn’t recognize her (in fairness, it’s not like she’s had a hit) and began verbally abusing staff. The 24-year-old then bragged about being on Rihanna’s Anti album.

It seems the rapper was eventually invited to join the party, but couldn’t resist hurling more abuse at security guards. When they intervened Azealia allegedly spat in a female bouncer’s face and bit the woman’s breast. She was removed from the venue and arrested by the NYPD. This comes after the “212” performer was investigated for assaulting a security guard in Los Angeles in October. The class act also came under scrutiny for directing homophobic slurs at a flight attendant in September.

[Via Page Six].

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