Rude Dudes: 18 Pics Of Shirtless Male Pop Stars

Mike Wass | December 25, 2015 9:00 am
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From Justin Bieber’s general inability to remain clothed to The Game’s Instagram-conquering “meat prints,” the leading men of music embraced the nude trend with as much fervor as their female counterparts. While those pioneers lifted the humble thirst trap to new heights, they were far from alone in their pursuit of attention. Diplo showed off his washboard abs at every available opportunity, while Calvin Harris nabbed seven figures to wrap his bulge in Emporio Armani underwear.

They were joined by the frequently shirtless Zayn Malik, not at all bashful Charlie Puth and Eggplant Friday participant Trey Songz. There were also some unlikely nude dudes. Shawn Mendes shared his gym progress on Instagram, Ed Sheeran showed off his colorful tattoos by stripping down to his underwear and DJ Khaled flew the flag for beefier guys with his eye-popping Snapchat stories. Click through our gallery up top.

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