Justin Bieber’s First Four Releases Coming On Vinyl In February 2016, Including ‘Journals’

Robbie Daw | December 23, 2015 5:13 pm
Justice For 'Journals'
In defense of JB's overlooked 2013 album of alt-pop/R&B songs.

Santa will have a late present for Beliebers — one that’s not arriving until the new year, actually. Today Universal announced that, while Purpose is still riding high in the charts, Justin Bieber‘s 2009 debut EP My World, 2010 debut album My World 2.0, 2012 follow-up Believe and 2013’s digital-only release Journals will be arriving in vinyl format on February 12.

So let’s talk about Journals for a minute. As mentioned, it was only ever issued digitally, so the forthcoming wax edition will mark the first time it’s been available in any physical format. Interestingly, a press release notes that Journals “was not submitted for sales tracking, so it never did chart in Billboard, but has reportedly sold 1,500,000 copies to date.”

If you’re not quite up on Bieb’s 15-song set Journals, then why not check out our recent feature, Justice For Journals: In Defense Of Justin Bieber’s Overlooked 2013 Album?

Full tracklists for all four JB vinyl releases below.

My World

1. One Time (Side A)
2. Favorite Girl (Side A)
3. Down To Earth (Side A)
4. Bigger (Side A)
5. One Less Lonely Girl (Side B)
6. First Dance (Side B)
7. Love Me (Side B)

My World 2.0

1. Baby (Side A)
2. Somebody To Love (Side A)
3. Stuck In The Moment (Side A)
4. U Smile (Side A)
5. Runaway Love (Side A)
6. Never Let You Go (Side B)
7. Overboard (Side B)
8. Eenie Meenie (Side B)
9. Up (Side B)
10.That Should Be Me (Side B)


1. All Around The World (Side A)
2. Boyfriend (Side A)
3. As Long As You Love Me (Side A)
4. Catching Feelings (Side A)
5. Take You (Side A)
6. Right Here (Side A)
7. Fall (Side A)
8. Die In Your Arms (Side B)
9. Thought Of You (Side B)
10.Beauty And A Beat (Side B)
11.One Love(Side B)
12.Be Alright (Side B)
13.Believe (Side B)

LP 1

1. Heartbreaker (Side A)
2. All That Matters (Side A)
3. Hold Tight (Side A)
4. Recovery (Side A)
5. Bad Day (Side B)
6. All Bad (Side B)
7. PYD (Side B)

LP 2

1. Roller Coaster (Side A)
2. Change Me (Side A)
3. Confident (Side A)
4. One Life (Side A)
5. Backpack (Side B)
6. What’s Hatnin’ (Side B)
7. Swap It Out (Side B)
8. Memphis (Side B)

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