Kylie Minogue Stars On ‘Galavant’, Sings “Off With His Shirt”: Watch

Robbie Daw | January 4, 2016 11:36 am
Kylie Minogue Interview
Kylie Minogue talks her Xmas album, festive memories and returning to dance/pop.

ABC’s fairy tale-themed musical-comedy Galavant returned on Sunday (January 3) for Season 2, and the good news for pop fans is that Kylie Minogue, who is partnered-up with series star Joshua Sasse in real life, made a guest appearance as the Queen of the Enchanted Forest. All is not what you’d think, though, as said Enchanted Forest is actually a gay bar that Galavant and King Richard find themselves in, and Queen Kylie isn’t pleased until she sings the commanding disco number “Off With His Shirt”!

And, well — off goes Galavant’s shirt in the cute scene. Indulge your taste for gratuitous male semi-nudity above.

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