Hear Holiday Sweater Mogul 2 Chainz On Timbaland’s “This Me, Fuck It”

Carl Williott | January 6, 2016 10:57 am

Remember 2 Chainz? Of course you do! He didn’t go anywhere! Even without new music he took over Christmas with his dabbing Santa sweater! Well apparently he’s still working on his official BOATS II follow-up, but in the meantime, Tity Boi hopped on “This Me, Fuck It” off Timbaland‘s recent King Stays King mixtape.

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The track was co-produced by Milli and has a Middle Eastern-tinged flute loop and plenty of Timbo beatbox sounds, while 2 Chainz proffers some rhymes basically amounting to WYSIWYG. Hear the laid-back cut below.