Lady Gaga Confirms Her Fifth Album Will Arrive This Year

Bianca Gracie | January 11, 2016 10:03 am
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Last night (January 10) marked a major career moment for Lady Gaga, as she took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress In A TV Movie Or Limited Series for her work in American Horror Story: Hotel. The singer was in such good spirits, in fact, that she revealed a post-ceremony tidbit about LG5.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer confirmed backstage that her anticipated fifth album will be arriving this year. “You know, I am putting out an album this year. I won’t tell you when!” she told reporters. Mother Monster was also asked if her style will change along with the new music: “That’s a difficult thing to say as I don’t know that you yet know what I will look like for my next album, as I’m still creating all of those things. It’s something that is a gradual change always with me.”

“What was nice about playing The Countess is it reminded me that in my own life and in my music, I’m always — at times — playing a character, and I become them fully. And living inside of her was liberating, I’ll tell you, because she doesn’t give a sh– about anything,” the artist continued.

Lady Gaga has been teasing her 2013 ARTPOP follow-up for months, as she reunited with producer RedOne in September and worked alongside Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson on the new project. In the latest issue of magazine (where she is the guest editor), Gaga stated AHS:Hotel made an impact on her musically.

“When I wasn’t working on the show I was truly miserable because I had no safe house to get out any of my vices,” the 29-year-old explains in the interview. “Now I have a safe house for my vices so when I’m making music I just have a lot more clarity. I have a little less of an instinct to be reckless with my music now because I’m reckless in other places. So now I’m thinking more about what it is I want to say and what I want to leave on Earth.”

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