Bonnie McKee’s “Wasted Youth” Video Is A Wild, Nostalgic Ride

Mike Wass | January 12, 2016 3:27 pm
Bonnie McKee Interview
Bonnie McKee talks starting over, her 'Bombastic' EP and songwriting stories.

After parting ways with Epic Records, Bonnie McKee decided to relaunch as an independent artist. By choice not by necessity. (After all, she’s penned nine number one hits). It was a gutsy move that allowed the hitmaker to exert more control over her career and that newfound freedom really shines through on excellent 2015 EP Bombastic. The title track/lead single is a balls-to-the-wall banger, but the follow-up, “Wasted Youth,” shows a softer side.

I asked Bonnie about the song in June, 2015 and she described it as the most personal on the EP. “I really love that one,” Bonnie enthused. “It’s got that classic, dare I speak in third person [laughs], Bonnie McKee lyric. It’s just my classic style. I feel like ‘Bombastic’ was a bit of a departure, and this kind of brings it back to my sound. It’s more intimate and still very visual.”

The inspiration for the song? “We’re all as young as we’re ever going to be, right this second, right in this moment and right now I’m older than I was five seconds ago,” the “American Girl” diva continued. “It’s just about really taking advantage of the moment and enjoying your youth and not wasting it. There’s a celebratory party vibe about it.” That’s reflected in the nostalgic video, which was filmed on 16mm and finds Bonnie rocking short shorts and bathing in Lucky Charms. Watch up top.

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