David Bowie: Amazon Completely Sold Out Of His Albums On CD And Vinyl

Robbie Daw | January 15, 2016 12:43 pm

One of the more bittersweet aspects we don’t like to acknowledge when it comes to the death of a musician: It’s good for business. In addition to iTunes users downloading David Bowie‘s albums by the thousands following the 69-year-old legend’s death on January 10, Amazon is currently sold out of everything and anything Bowie-related, as far as CDs and vinyl copies go.

Just randomly jumping around at the online retailer’s store, we noted that 2014 Bowie compilation Nothing Has Changed will be “in stock on January 18,” while you’ll have to wait until January 24 for a CD copy of brand new album Blackstar. Meanwhile, the vinyl for Blackstar is simply listed as being “temporarily out of stock,” with no further date of availability given.

The Bowie buying frenzy isn’t just limited to music; DVDs of 1983 erotic vampire thriller The Hunger, which the Thin White Duke stars in alongside Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon, are also sold out on Amazon (though the Blu-Ray is in stock), as are copies of Wendy Leigh‘s 2014 book Bowie: The Biography.

Curiously, one of the more well-known films Bowie starred in, 1976’s cult sci fi epic The Man Who Fell To Earth, has yet to sell out. Labyrinth, however, won’t be available until January 19.

In related news, Fuse reported earlier this week that it appears as if Amazon may be guilty of price-gouging its Bowie merchandise, given the heightened interest in his output following his death.

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