Chilli Gives An Update On TLC’s Fan-Funded Fifth LP

Mike Wass | January 15, 2016 5:45 pm
TLC Surpass Kickstarter Goal For Final LP
TLC have raised more than $400,000 from fans to record their fifth and final LP.

A little over a year ago, TLC announced they were financing their fifth and final LP via Kickstarter. They set a goal of $150,000 and achieved that sum in just over two days. In fact, their fans (including a very generous Katy Perry) coughed up a whopping $430,255. However, the album never arrived and fans started to grumble about the project on social media. The complaints grew louder when Chilli revealed she was putting together a workout program instead of recording the fan-funded opus.

Well, you can unclench because the album is finally coming together. “We’re trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done,” Chilli told Billboard in a new interview. As for the direction? “I’ll just say this: We’re bringing back our interludes. We’ve come up with some really fun, funny stuff for people to enjoy.” While we wait for TLC’s swan song to arrive, check out the ’90s icon’s new exercise anthem below.

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