Birdy Performs “Keeping Your Head Up” At BRITS Launch Show

Mike Wass | January 15, 2016 6:37 pm
Birdy's Upbeat Anthem "Keeping Your Head Up"
Birdy reinvents herself with uplifting pop anthem "Keeping Your Head Up."

Birdy delivered the first great pop song of the year with “Keeping Your Head Up” arrived on January 1. Produced by Steve Mac, the upbeat anthem represents a rather startling change of pace for the 19-year-old. She leaves the doom and gloom of her ballad-heavy discography behind in favor of uplifting dance/pop — and somehow survives the transformation with her identity (and credibility) fully intact.

The “Not About Angels” singer performed the track live for the first time at the BRITS Launch Show last night (January 14). Birdy looked every inch a pop star in black shorts and flowing red robe, and nailed her vocal. Which isn’t surprising considering she’s been wowing audiences since she was 14. “Keeping Your Head Up” is the first single from the teenager’s third LP Beautiful Lies, which drops March 26.

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