Lady Gaga Is Writing With Elton John For Her New Album

Carl Williott | January 20, 2016 9:44 am

Lady Gaga is hard at work on her next album, which will be out later this year, and we know she’s hooking up with her old collaborator RedOne for the project, and apparently veteran producers Mark Ronson and Nile Rodgers as well. And now her friend Elton John has revealed that he’s joining her for some writing sessions for the album, too.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 yesterday (January 19), the British legend said he’s collaborating with Gaga on material that takes it “back to the early stuff of hers,” adding that he heard a pair of “killer” tracks.

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“I’m writing with Gaga tomorrow,” he told Lowe. “I’ve heard two songs, which are killer. They’re just great songs. It’s like back to the early stuff of hers — like ‘You And I’ and the Bruce Springsteen one (as I always call it), ‘Bad Romance.'”

Elton also gave his insight about her ARTPOP misfire (it “was not a great idea”) and subsequent career reformation. “It was not a good album and I think she would admit that,” he said. “Then in the midst of that, she did three things which were kind of amazing. She did the whole tour and album with Tony Bennett, which did amazingly well. She sang the Julie Andrews tribute at the Oscars, which everybody loved. And she was on American Horror Story.”

Gaga and Elton go way back: She’s the godmother to his two sons, they’ve collaborated on soundtrack material before and they performed together at the 2010 Grammys. So add that to her reunion with The Fame and Fame Monster right-hand man RedOne, and LG5 is shaping up to be Gaga’s attempt to return to (the edge of) glory with a back-to-basics effort.

And somehow in the middle of all this she’s doing another joint album with Tony Bennett.

[via NME]