Is Beyoncé About To Pull Another Beyoncé With A Surprise Album?

Carl Williott | January 22, 2016 9:51 am

Whispers of Beyoncé‘s follow-up to her 2013 self-titled album have been trickling in for a few months now, but with her appearance at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show just a few weeks away and Adele‘s 25 reign finally weakening a tad, the rumors have congealed into a mass “surprise album is nigh” hysteria. The thinking now is that she’s going to either announce or drop her sixth album following her team-up with Coldplay at the Super Bowl.

According to The Mirror and The Sun (so, ya know, approach with caution), “sources” say Bey actually finished up her new album at the end of last year, but wisely decided to hold off until Adele-mania died down (or as the “source” put it, “She held off on a release as a code of honour to Adele” lol k).

Now that 25‘s grip on the charts has loosened, Beyoncé is apparently ready to pounce. And what better platform to begin the post-Beyoncé campaign than one of the most-watched events in the world on February 7? Plus, the timing would fall in line with a report that the star is booking up stadiums for a nationwide tour later this spring.

This is great news for the Super Bowl, since you know the Beyhive will keep watching before and after the Beyoncé cameo in the hopes that some sort of teaser commercial airs.