Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Is Maybe Finally Done

Carl Williott | January 25, 2016 11:10 am

After numerous false starts, an impenetrable promo cycle and a looming tour, it looks like Rihanna‘s ANTI may finally be done. The star tweeted early this morning (January 25) that she was “listening to ANTI.”

There’s also some flimsy corroboration to go along with her post: Producer Kuk Harrell posted “Mission accomplished!” apparently after he was in the studio with Rihanna, and the star replied in his comments with a string of red balloon emoji (the red balloon has been a prominent motif in her ANTI rollout, as you can see in her above tweet).

Rihanna’s update comes hours after her eighth album’s maybe-former executive producer Kanye West posted a similar update on his own similarly delayed SWISH, which is out February 11. ANTI‘s release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but Rihanna’s tour kicks off February 26.

When do you think ANTI will be unleashed? Let us know in the comments.