Timbaland Has Some Kind Words For Selena Gomez: “She’s Gonna Be Big”

Mike Wass | January 26, 2016 3:47 pm
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Timbaland was full of praise for the next generation of pop stars in a new interview with MSN. “I try to show my kids, and other kids, this is how we did it y’all,” the super producer explained. “Young stars, you know like Selena Gomez, she’s gonna be big. All these young people that are coming out like Zendaya. I wanna show them and teach them — they’re gonna be bigger than us. Because the world has an internet… the world has more to offer than what we had.”

The “Give It To Me” chart-topper sees his role of that as a mentor. “Some of the roads that they’ll walk down will be some of the same roads we walked down,” he continues. “But guess what? All I can do is inform you, but you gotta make your own decision. But I feel like now I want to be more of a teacher, a mentor to people. And teach by showing, you know. That’s my job now… to teach those young people. Like ‘No! Don’t do that, don’t do that. I saw Beyonce do that once, it wasn’t good.’ You see history repeats itself.”

Tim has been heavily involved with Zendaya’s upcoming sophomore LP, producing buzz track “Close Up.” He also praised Selena’s new album Revival, describing it as “hott” in an Instagram post (below).

@selenagomez hott album!!!!

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